Sept. 7, 2021

132: Healthy Eating for Diabetes | Course Correction Health Coach Dennis Jones | LM Podcast

Meet Dennis Jones of Course Correction.

After leaving the US Marines, Dennis’ health began to decline. His weight jumped to nearly 350 pounds, he developed high blood pressure and became diabetic. Despite becoming vegetarian and losing weight for about a year, the lack of structure and guidance led him back to his old ways. 

A few years later, he nearly suffered a heart attack and was told he needed a double stent or bypass surgery. Neither option was ideal, and Dennis faced taking medications and making a significant lifestyle change. 

One day, while looking for a healthy plant-based restaurant, he discovered GreenFare, an educational restaurant offering organic, whole food, plant-based meals. There, he saw a flyer for Barnard Medical Center and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and on the spot, he signed up for the 21-day challenge to improve his health outcomes.

Having faced his own mortality, Dennis woke up to making drastic changes. He became a certified Food & Lifestyle Coach and Food for Life (FFL) Instructor and has not looked back since. Today, he teaches, coaches, and speaks about food because of a deep desire to improve people’s health and quality of life. 

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Our podcast is recorded in Dallas, Texas, and features guests from all over the world. We focus on the main topic of LIFESTYLE MEDICINE. Our goal is to provide resources to help you take control of your health.

*We address the importance of eating plant-based foods for health, immunity, and to prevent/reverse disease.
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*We talk about the importance of having healthy relationships.

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