Nov. 26, 2021

136: Redefining Nutrition For Optimal Well-Being and Quality of Life with Michelle Tree

136: Redefining Nutrition For Optimal Well-Being and Quality of Life with Michelle Tree

When you embrace and incorporate healthy lifestyle ideas, you must ensure that you’re committed to them. Join us in this episode as Michelle Tree shares the fundamental root of a plant-based concept, highlights the effects and challenges in our health, and the impactful benefits of engaging with others to maintain good health.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • PAC sub-communities: Definition, purpose, roles, and responsibilities
  • The physiological advantages of redefining nutrition
  • Ways to create and sustain a plant-based diet and how it prevent cancer-related diseases
  • Impacts of PlantPure nation to your social life and support system 
  • How vegan trends and social movement grow online
  • Tips to start getting involved in a plant-based community
  • Covid-19 pandemic: Reinventing and rebuilding potluck gatherings 

Resources mentioned in this episode

About Michelle Tree

Michelle Tree is the Group Leader of Plant-Based Living Winnipeg in Canada. She is a passionate food educator and animal advocate who believes in the power of whole foods to transform communities.

Since founding the group in 2016, Michelle has grown PBLW to 1400+ members, hosted over 40 potlucks and meetups, held rallies, and campaigned for, and spoken publicly about, the benefits of a plant-based diet. Taking advantage of the opportunities for education, Michelle has completed the Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from e-Cornell and the Moving Medicine Forward Master Class in Plant-based Clinical Nutrition.

Michelle’s skill set includes photography and video editing which she does both personally and professionally. In the spring, summer, and fall you’ll often find her in the garden, where she grows organic vegetables for her family and friends.

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