Dec. 15, 2021

141: Culturally Relevant Whole Food Nutrition with Nivi Jaswal

141: Culturally Relevant Whole Food Nutrition with Nivi Jaswal

Food culture nourishes our body and soul, but how does it impact our health? In today’s topic, we have Nivi Jaswal joining us to share how our culture shapes the way we eat and food choices. Stay connected to learn how these factors contribute to our overall health and wellness.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • Plant Pure Community: Role, core values, and mission 
  • What is “greenwashing” and how to avoid it
  • Impacts of monoculture farming in our environment and food production 
  • Sociocultural strategy for raising plant-based nutrition awareness in India
  • How culture and religion affect food choices and lifestyle
  • Advantages of plant-powered education for women and underserved community
  • 2 Types of media advertising landscape for health and wellness

Resources mentioned in this episode

About Nivi Jaswal

Nivi Jaswal is a Former corporate executive and has had quite a journey from marketing Processed Foods & Beverages to becoming a Mayo Clinic trained Board-certified coach. That journey was shaped by her ketogenic diet and various structural biases she faced in the international corporate world.

After healing on a whole food, plant-based diet, Nivi launched her Boston-based non-profit The Virsa Foundation and accompanying Pod, which primarily focused on serving communities in Punjab, India before the pandemic. A Bachelor’s in Psychology and an MBA in Consumer Behavior Marketing has enabled Nivi to develop a unique non-profit that is committed to ethical, responsible behavior-change research, coalition building, and campaigning with a focus on Intersectional Feminism and Veganism. 

From underserved rural women artisans in India to low income underserved women of color in the U.S, Nivi’s work celebrates the Divine Feminine with plant-based nutrition and Veganism at its core.

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