Dec. 17, 2021

142: The Extensive Benefits of Building Diverse Pod Communities with Sally Lipsky

142: The Extensive Benefits of Building Diverse Pod Communities with Sally Lipsky

Raising awareness about a plant-based lifestyle is not easy but having a strong support system from your community makes a big difference. Listen to another incredible episode with Sally Lipsky as she talks about how she survived cancer by educating herself on how to live healthier, her mission to cascade her plant-based knowledge to people, and the keys to strengthening a sense of community.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • Challenges of transitioning from standard American diet to plant-based eating lifestyle
  • Cancer: Struggles, treatment, and care planning
  • The power of doing research and reading books about plant-based nutrition
  • Why it’s important to share knowledge and awareness about eating plant foods
  • Ways to grow a Pod network
  • Community outreach programs and events during the global pandemic

Resources mentioned in this episode

About Sally Lipsky

After a diagnosis of late-stage cancer, Sally Lipsky learned about the power of plant-based eating. This changed her life’s trajectory, and she became a plant-based nutrition educator and author. 

In 2014, she began Plant-Based Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA, as a way to offer much-needed support and connection among those adopting a plant-based lifestyle. The Pod offers a variety of resources and events, which used to include monthly meetings in-person at four area locations pre-COVID. They now offer twice-monthly Zoom programs with a topical program and a cooking demonstration, which are posted on their YouTube channel. There is a monthly newsletter and Facebook page to share events, recipes, and information. A free cookbook and additional recipes are available on the Pod’s website, as well as a local directory with healthcare practitioners, instructors, and products related to a plant-based lifestyle. 

Their community outreach has included food drives and partnerships with local food pantries; connections with local physicians and medical residents; special events like Dining with Plant-Based Docs and Pop-Up Dinners; plus articles, recipes, and letter-to-editors in local media.

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