Dec. 29, 2021

145: Systematic Approach to Promoting Justified Choices with Ruth Carter

145: Systematic Approach to Promoting Justified Choices with Ruth Carter

In this episode, Ruth Carter shares the inspiration behind transitioning to plant-based nutrition and how justified choices can bring a significant holistic change in your life. Don’t miss this one to learn the importance of moving more and eating better in improving your health. 

Key takeaways to listen for

  • Benefits of plant-based diets in athletic performance 
  • The negative impact of high estrogens level in your body  
  • How does BPA contribute to estrogens poisoning  
  • Meal preparation ideas for athletes 
  • What is ‘one-time plastic’ and how to avoid it? 
  • Best eco-friendly alternatives for plastic 

Resources mentioned in this episode

About Ruth Carter

Ruth Carter was inspired to go vegan after seeing documentaries about factory farming. They used to be ok with certified humane foods until they volunteered at a local farm animal sanctuary. Now they can no longer justify these choices. They have given themselves "estrogen poisoning" a few times, aka estrogen levels over 700, so now they consume low-soy and avoid BPA products. They try to be 90% single-use plastic-free. Their dog is exempt from their low-plastic life and veganism.

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