Nov. 29, 2020

79: Eating You Alive with Sheanne and Dan Moskaluk

We had the opportunity to speak with Canadian cou…

We had the opportunity to speak with Canadian couple Sheanne & Dan Moskaluk of Indian Rock Vegans who were featured in the documentary Eating You Alive.

Sheanne has a wonderful weight loss journey story. At one point was weighing close to 300 pounds and then she discovered a video by Dr. John McDougall called The Perils of Dairy. This changed her entire perspective on how she ran her household.

The family went along with the changes and Sheanne and Dan were looking great and feeling great. Then two years later, Dan discovered that he had stage 4 kidney cancer.

In this episode, we hear each of their stories. We learn how they have been there for one another. We also learn how they are giving back to the community by sharing their personal stories so that others may also thrive on a plant-based diet. In addition, they volunteer at animal sanctuaries, they are voices for the animals and care for our planet as well. 


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