Dec. 9, 2020

Plant Based Dentist On Oral and Overall Health

Plant Based Dentist On Oral and Overall Health

Dr. Ann Kartini Nyugen-Chung was our latest podcast guest. We enjoyed chatting with her so much because she is a dentist who cares about her patients' overall health. See the full interview here...

I asked her to explain the difference between a biological dentist and one who is trained in traditional methods. A biological dentist is one who takes the time to ask additional questions about health. He/she will usually take a less aggressive approach to treatment while still keeping the patient's needs and health in mind. 

In this episode, Dr. Ann shares with us her own personal health challenges prior to going plant-based. She was able to reverse most of her health concerns. We talk about her patients and common issues she sees in her office. Diet and lifestyle play a huge role in oral health. We discuss topics such as acid erosion, root canals, using fluoride, oil pulling and other fads that people use for oral health. Dr. Ann also explains how cosmetic work can help with reconstruction, rebuilding, functionality, speech and can help with breathing.

Dr. Ann developed a passion project called Happi Hippo Plant Organics which consists of biodegradable lip balms, toothbrushes, dental floss, and soaps. She created her company after suffering with a painful rash around her mouth from an allergic reaction to another manufacturer's lip balm. 

Happi Hippo Plant Organics


My Story:

Seeking out the right dentist is important. When I share my personal story of how I became plant-based, my former biological dentist is always part of that story. I went to see her after suffering for years with a bad root canal and I ended up discovering that I had high levels of mercury in my system and had developed hypothyroidism. 

This particular dentist took the time to ask questions about my health and lifestyle. When I mentioned feeling lethargic, exhausted, tired, cold most of the time and had gained about 15 pounds, she immediately ordered blood work. This included hair/urine/blood work to check for traces of mercury. Needless to say, the bloodwork returned showing that I had dangerously high levels of mercury in my system. I was horrified! I asked her to extract the amalgams that I've had for years. I stopped eating fish immediately and I began to care for myself to help my body detox. 

In 2019, I had my physician once again order bloodwork to check for traces of mercury. The results came back...not a single trace of mercury can be found. 

My hypothyroidism resolved when I went plant-based and cleaned up my diet. My body was able to detox on its own. I now have energy now to exercise, travel and enjoy long walks.