Oct. 25, 2020

Why We Press Record...

Why We Press Record...

I recently asked my husband a simple question..."Do you enjoy interviewing our guests?" "Of course!" he replied. This comment was followed by a conversation about why we have a podcast.

In 2018, Dr. Riz and I recorded our first podcast episode out of a hotel room in Annapolis, Maryland. We had just completed our first visit to the Annapolis Boat Show. The boat show was a blast! We were fortunate to have met a handful of our favorite sailing vloggers who are also successful on YouTube. They have inspired us to seek similar adventures on our sailboat. 

There are two things that we are very passionate about...sailing and spreading the good word about the power of plant-based foods. So initially we wanted to combine the two by sailing along the coast of Florida while interviewing like-minded individuals. 

And then life happened...2019 was an extremely busy year full of community events and speaking engagements and our sailboat, well our sailboat required mechanical work.

This year has allowed us the opportunity to pick up where we left off. Rather than traveling to interview our guests, our guests are coming to us via the virtual world.

Stay tuned as we introduce our guests over the next few months.