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Maya expertly weaves the power of personal stories within the realms of traditional and complementary medicine. I applaud that she focuses on physical and mental health--intertwining both as a means to strengthen our overall well-being. These episodes are inspiring, especially to those unfamiliar with plant-based eating and wellness lifestyle.

Wonderful podcast!!

This is a wonderful and casual WFPB podcast. I am just getting started on this journey and the information here is wonderful and presented in a great way! Highly recommend!!

I love all the content related to lifestyle medicine. Such wonderful guests.

Keep yourself healthy!

Western Culture is filled with obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and a number of other common health issues do to our diets. This show aims to shine light on how simple it is to avoid most of these issues by simply eating right. Changing how your diet functions and making better life choices. This is a highly valuable resource that is tragically lacking in the world and is a show that needs to be heard by everyone in order to get that additional insight that could ultimately save your life in the long run. 10/10 highly recommended. Must listen show for all! Eat Clean. Eat Healthy.